New Life Ministries

Each year at New Life Ministries is filled with exciting,
wholesome fun in the Lord!

Easter and Christmas Dramas

New Life's Easter and Christmas dramas are a source inspiration and great entertainment for all who attend, and for all who participate in them!

Easter and Christmas Dramas

Hallelujah Night

Hallelujah Night, New Life's popular way to celebrate October 31, is an annual tradition and a great hit with young and older folks alike!

Hallelujah Night

Picnics and Water Baptism Services

We believe that water baptismal services are a joyous occasion! Picnics with lots of good food and fellowship always follow.

Picnics and Baptism

Community Involvement

New Life participates in the Potomac River Festival Parade each year, as well as roller skating parties, Kids Crusades, and many other special events. Life in the God's Kingdom should never be boring!


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